Poster Contest

The Poster Contest, part of the Legion's Youth and Education program, is meant to foster an understanding of the sacrifices made on our behalf by many young men and women in World Wars I and II, and the Korean War. To this day, many brave young men and women put their personal security at risk in the name of peace and humanity in places like Bosnia, Cyprus, Haiti, East Timor, Afghanistan, etc.

The entry may be either Black and White or Colour. The two types are judged in separate contests.

When are the contests held?

Contests are held each year just prior to Remembrance Day by local Legion branches throughout Ontario Command. Winners of local contests have the opportunity to compete against other branch level winners at zone level, zone winners participate at district level, district winners at provincial level, and provincial winners then compete at the Dominion or national level.


The contest is divided into four categories. 

Primary - Grades 1, 2 and 3
Junior - Grades 4, 5 and 6
Intermediate - Grades 7, 8 and 9
Senior - Grades 10, 11 and 12

What can I draw?

The subject matter is Remembrance. The artist's work should inspire or reflect upon Remembrance. If any national symbols are used they should be predominantly Canadian.

Rules & Regulations

Posters will be based on the subject of REMEMBRANCE.
Contestants are challenged to exercise their initiative and create a poster on this theme.

  1. Entries will be no larger than 22” x 28” (56cm x 71cm).  
  2. Contest I Entries will be accepted in Black & White on black or white paper only; pencil charcoal and/or India ink. Computer generated entries will not be accepted.  
  3. Contest II Entries will only be accepted in colour. Photographs and three-dimensional submissions made of tinsel, cotton or wooden sticks for example, will not be accepted. Computer generated posters will not be accepted.  
  4. When national symbols are used, Canadian symbols must be preeminent.  
  5. Entries will be judged on originality, expression of designated subject, drawing and illustration.  
  6. Signatures on entries are no longer required. However, students will attach an official registration form showing their name, address, age, grade, name & address of their school and local Legion Branch.  
  7. All entries are to be submitted to their local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion.  
  8. Posters will be judged at Branch: winners to Zone, to District and to Provincial level. Only First Place winners should be forwarded to each level. Provincial winners are submitted to Ottawa for judging at national level. Entries should be forwarded to the next levelFLAT.  
  9. Students may enter both Black & White and colour contests, but may submit only one entry for each category.  
  10. Chairmen are encouraged to code all posters in pencil on the back of the entry the Branch #, District, Zone, Poster Contest I or II, Category 1/2/3/4, Example: 452: F-5: P-II: C-1.  

More information can be found on on the Ontario Provincial Command website.


Students who have been out of the educational system for more than two consecutive years are ineligible to compete in the Poster Contest at any level.